Healing Talks Back

New Business Name!

Well, it’s official! After nine years of practice as Women Ever After, I’m changing the name of my business to Healing Talks Back. Like most name changes, this one has a backstory. Curious to know why I decided to phase out my old business moniker? Read my recent announcement here.

Healing Talks Back

Years ago, I wrote a special blog post that ended with the line, “Trauma speaks, but healing talks back.” Ever since, “Healing Talks Back” has become one of my favorite professional catchphrases. It acknowledges that trauma does indeed have a voice in our stories, but that it needn’t be the loudest voice or get the final say. You can read more about my Healing Talks Back philosophy here. And if you want to read that original blog post that started it all, you can do that here, too.

Practical Changes

As you might imagine, there’s a LOT of blood, sweat and tears involved in changing my marketing and resource materials. It’s not a transition that happens overnight, and it may be several months before this new designation fully eclipses the old.

Over time, you’ll begin seeing changes to my digital communication (scheduling, appointment confirmations, meeting links, email, billing, etc). Please know that I’ll make every effort to notify you of crucial changes before they happen, and that I’m seeking to minimize the impact and inconvenience these changes will incur for YOU. Should you encounter issues related to this transition—broken website links, etc—I warmly invite you to email me so I can address them immediately.

Though I now have a new website, email address, scheduling link and social media accounts (coming soon), please know that my old contact information remains operational. If you’re not sure how to reach me under the new business name, you’re welcome to continue using the old ones. I’ll keep them in the mix as long as necessary, for the sake of continuity and convenience.

Thank you for your patience.

In closing, please know that I deeply appreciate your trust and patience, as I strive to make your client experience a safe, efficient and effective one. I know that transitions are rarely easy (especially for trauma survivors!) and I thank you for your willingness to pivot in this new direction along with me.

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