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RIP, Women Ever After!

Dearly Beloved, Once upon a time, I named my business Women Ever After. At that point in my life, I celebrated womanhood as my nearest and dearest happy place. I focused on women’s issues. I fought for women’s rights. I honored my identity as an advocate for women, unapologetic about my choice to coach primarily …

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On That Day

On this date last year, life completely SHATTERED for one of my youngest coaching clients. (In the betrayal trauma world, we often call this anniversary “D Day,” referencing the date someone discovers her partner’s infidelity, online secrets and/or sex addiction.) In the past 9 years, I’ve supported many women through their “D Day” anniversaries. And …

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Five Stages of Abandonment Grief: Healing for Survivors of Sexual Betrayal

Have you ever wondered why sexual betrayal feels keenly similar—yet remarkably different—to losing a loved one who’s physically died? In my work with women healing from sexual betrayal, I’ve identified two words that completely reframe the experience of loss and trauma we so poignantly share. Those two words are… abandonment grief. How do I define sexual abandonment? Abandonment …

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Evidence of the Invisible

Last Thursday was Babysitting Day. My husband and I woke up early, hopped in the car, braved morning traffic, and arrived in time for breakfast with two of our favorite family kiddos. The way I see it, Babysitting Days were made to be legendary, packed-to-the-max with high-energy fun, excitement and activity. This one was no …

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